Art Tickles – Starting Line Cinematics

An empty, vacant soundscape resolves to the sound of rushing air. The camera starts on a tight angle along the side of an old military plane. It follows the line of an airplane’s body, as though flying in its slipstream. As the camera draws back, the view quickly dips down through the empty space where the tail of the plane would be. We discover that the old shell of this military bomber is sunken into the dirt. Unpaved road slides into view, which the camera follows until a bright red sports car rips across the frame.

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Art Tickles – Well-suited

It’s all glitzy neon and flashing lights, people in suits and waistcoats mill around the streets barking advertisements for their stores and inviting businessmen into the bars to drink with well-dressed women. The finest sushi is paired with an array of booze. Bars offer karaoke machines to every patron, each booth its own private singing club. The streets of Kamurocho are packed with pedestrians, flitting to and fro in the city of glitz and light, and Kiryu is punching a man halfway to death in an alleyway.

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Defiance 2050 Review – Good Enough for a Day’s Work

Money rains the sky like molten gold. Fragments of highly advanced
ships hurtling to the ground pepper San Francisco’s semi-alien andscape in bizarre, inexplicable alien tech. They’re fragments of the ark field that orbits the Earth. What the technology does is not important, that the technology sells well is.

“Minor arkfall detected,” the artificial intelligence in your mind says, “let’s go earn some scrip.”

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