Astellia Review – A Familiar Experience, Plus Astels

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Little slices of sunlight dance along the grass. The hints of light pierce through the canopy above, painting abstract patterns as the leaves rustle in the wind. An armored boot crushes the grass, as a warrior spins, slashing their blade violently across an Orc’s unarmored flesh. Blood spatters the greenery, shouts of combat rupture the soft whisper of the forest, and the leaves continue their dance.

This is the state of the world of Astellia. Warriors battle demons, celestial beings known as Astels are controlled by the human forces to give hope against powerful demons, colossal golems are summoned and controlled as part of this war, and the hope for this conflict lands on the lap of long-dormant celestial masters known as Astellians, who can summon and use several Astels at once.

This is where Astellia begins. Players start as new Astellians, coming to grips with their new powers, setting off on quests and helping humanity along the road, and finding several Astels to grow their power in hopes of bringing this war to a close.

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