Firewatch Review – Burning a Hole Through my Heart

Written for the Escapist Magazine, recreated in-part with permission.

Nature is beautiful. Lush with trees, grass, and bushes, Shoshone National Forest is absolutely captivating. The days come and go like dreams, bringing with them an amazing array of colors, sounds, and sights, and there isn’t a bit of the forest that doesn’t have a breathtaking vista just over the next ridge.

The Wyoming wilderness is rich and enveloping. All around, everything feels… Something; not necessarily a “something” that fits into words well. On examination, nothing about any individual tree, crack, cliff, or creek is particularly noteworthy. Looking at screenshots alone doesn’t really capture its essence either. There’s something about everything in motion, taken all at once rather than each piece at a time, that seems to congeal into the Something.

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