Apex Legends Review – Kinetic Fury Within the Ring

Written for MMOGames, recreated a portion with permission.

Avatars of death split the sky open, painting war lines across the endless blue with trails of smoke. No fewer than 57 of these aerial warriors will lay broken, beaten, and bloody on the ground by the end. King’s Canyon is a tight field of prefabricated buildings, storage bins, and violence. Death will follow swiftly as the combatants land and scramble for arms. By the time the last pair of boots hit the ground, several will already be dead. The Apex Legends offer few mercies.

The scramble that follows landing feels equal parts rushed and contemplative. There’s a mental game to the resources on the ground. Grab gear quick, or quietly drift into the shadows, starved of combative riches but equally of risks. The quiet lay in wait of the final, inescapable conflicts. The loud blast through their opposition, armed and warmed up for the terminal shot.

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