Wild Buster Preview – A Violent, Alien Landscape

Written for MMOGames, recreated in-part with permission.

It’s all in ruins. The war came, and we lost. Our planet was bathed in war and fire, our people were packed into evacuation ships, and we fled our world. The next planet we found was to be our rebirth, like a phoenix from the ashes, but they burned that one to cinders too. Each of them, dusted, and we continued our panicked escape into space.

This is how Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan begins. Humanity found itself up against invaders known as the Broken, and our efforts to fight back handed us loss after loss after loss. We fled, they followed, and our last hope remains in this last stand. On a planet toxic to our lungs and mired in inhospitable landscapes, we’re making a stand.

Life holds humanity over a barrel and tasks them with a tragically big job: survive annihilation with meager supplies, an apparently endless stream of enemies in the Broken, and do so on a world that couldn’t be less interested in being worth fighting and dying over. Dark, dingy, rusted over, and seemingly transient, humankind’s last stand feels a little more like one last hurrah before the lights turn off.

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