Escape from Tarkov Preview — Every Round is Sudden Death

Written for MMOGames, recreated in-part with permission.

The grass sways gently around me, I am laying prone in the weeds, and I’m increasingly certain that the footsteps I’m hearing aren’t just me.

Tarkov is beautiful, in the haunting urban decay sort of way. The glaringly bright sunlight distantly sinking an the sky paints the fields ahead in uncannily gorgeous highlights. The wind, what little whispers it manages to get past the arrhythmic percussion of the raindrops, is creating a rich soundscape for me to fret over.

Gunfire, sharp and sudden, erupts in the distance. I tilt my view carefully in that direction, but I’m less concerned for the gunfire. That fight will begin and end likely before I can stand up from my position, so I wait in my shroud of nature, and listen for what I’m certain will be the rest of my life.

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