SMITE’s Shadows Over Hercopolis — Flashy and Repetitive

Written for MMOGames, recreated in-part with permission.

Really, it doesn’t feel right. Everything is too floaty, my randomly acquired equipment is doing more for my team than I am, and the challenges spike furiously when things happen. I heal, I fight, I click, but if this were Left4Dead, I think I could set my character on AI mode and go make myself a sandwich. My team contribution would remain relatively equivalent. I don’t feel like I’m important here. Bosses come close to being something special, but the sudden difficulty spike feels more statistical than strategic, even if there is a strategy and pattern at play.

Most runs, though, will end in failures. Death is pretty unforgiving, respawns are only available if no players are in combat, and the runs before the first significant item milestone will start to become repetitive, much less by the time the player pockets enough to start genuinely expecting to survive. Once the player starts surviving, though, money accrues much more quickly, and the higher level items come faster. Inertia takes over.

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