Things That Go Boing

Written for Unwinnable, for Issue 83: Love. Recreated in-part with permission.

Sheets gripped between fingers, balled into fists along with the rhythmic pulsing of bodies and the mounting tension in the room. Everything is electric, the exhalations reverberate and drip with excitement, passion and just a hint of heat. The energy builds toward a crescendo, every part of each sense aligned to a single moment, a beautiful pause and a moment of exquisite resolution. All of the bodies ease languidly back into horizontal comfort, and the tension flows out with the quiet exhales of breath.

An electric energy follows in the wake of these moments. The bedroom becomes a shrine, capturing the physicality of sex in indulgent decadence.

[Read the rest in Issue 83 of Unwinnable Monthly.]
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Complete work published on September 20, 2016, available at All rights reserved.

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