Wanderlust – Rolling Green

Written for Unwinnable, recreated in-part with permission.

Fresh from the darkness of the temple behind me, the world calls to me, far more than the old man peering curiously at me downslope. I take off.

A tree branch, some apples, a nearby axe, a small pond surrounded by rock—I find myself bouncing from moment to moment, almost drowning in things to touch, to climb, to slip down, to splash into, to collect. A rusty sword juts artfully from the set in the middle of a serene lake. A nearby temple, half-standing against the elements, time and growing vines, begs to be visited. In the distance, the sun glows warmly. Distant mountains are bathed in the white of snow.

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Complete work published on July 10, 2018, available at http://www.unwinnable.com. All rights reserved.

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