For Bad Reasons

Written for Unwinnable, for Issue 78: Good & Evil. Recreated in-part with permission.

One thing people almost never lose from their childhood is an inescapable curiosity for the world – to indulge the desire to get down on one’s haunches and peer terribly closely at something new, unknown, or fascinating.

There’s an instinct to explore that diminishes as a person discovers more of the world in their older ages, but never truly goes away. It lingers endlessly in the mind, begging to put fingerprints on the “Do not touch” sign or snap a selfie with the thousand year old marble statues. In the museum of life, humanity turns to its infancy and can’t help but want to handle the exhibits. It’s coded into the human condition. To understand the world, one must first explore it, and shine a light into the nooks and crannies until the unknowns become well-knowns. Until it’s all an avenue of accomplishment, experience, or understanding already traveled.

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Complete work published on April 21, 2016, available at All rights reserved.

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