Galak-Z Review – Brutal, Beautiful Space

Written for the Escapist Magazine, recreated in-part with permission.

There is something inherently oppressive about space. The cold, vast emptiness is entirely devoid of life. It has no air, little heat, no pressure, and no gravity; a void that seeks to destroy any living thing that happens to get caught in it unequipped. Space is a deathtrap, frigid and infinite, and it will kill you.

This is the first lesson I learned from Galak-Z: The Interdimensional. More space shooter than roguelike, Galak-Z pits the player in the role of a pilot named A-tak, who managed to grab a fighter jet following a catastrophic battle with an imperial alien race. With the help of an officer named Beam, A-tak must fly his ship to safety amidst the space bugs and imperial soldiers scouring the wreckage for survivors.

For such a dark and somber setting, Galak-Z does a surprising amount toward bringing a great deal of life out of the vacuum of space. The visual style is impeccable, with the bright colors of the player ship and enemies, the solid voice acting, the aesthetically pleasing cutscenes, and the beautiful minimalism of the scenery doing great service to take the emptiness out of space.