More Needs Than Just One Tool

Written for the Escapist Magazine, recreated in-part with permission.

Like many mornings in the idyllic village of Oofas, the mayor emerges from his house sometime mid-morning, closing his door delicately behind him. He then chats warmly with the villagers, asking about their days while watering the flowers around their homes, and in the main thoroughfares. The greenery gleams under the fresh watering, and the mayor completes his circuit of the village, having built friendships, maintained the beautiful greenery, and picked up lingering bits of trash in the meantime.

By all respects, the mayor seems to be the very image of a concerned and capable leader. He cares for his people, his upkeep of the village is a testament to his focus, and he maintains bonds with the dutiful dedication ascribed to all great leaders. Though there is a hidden aspect of insidiousness buried under the whole production, because behind the affable friendliness of the mayor is the brusque and goal-oriented soul of a gamer.

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