Subnautica Review – Deeply Absorbed in Darkness

Nearly 100 meters under the surface, wreckage sits in the shifting sands.

Written for, recreated in-part with permission.

The ocean swallows me whole, and as I sink into its depths, I wonder if I will ever surface again. It is an alien world beneath the waves. A world of dizzying proportions, the safer shallows giving ground to impossible darkness in the depths. My lungs feel the crush of the pressure as I stare into the cold, dark, blue abyss, and wonder if I will escape this place alive. The first bite promises I will not escape unchanged. Even with my oxygen tank, I wonder if I will drown—I wonder if the darkness will swallow me.

I may die in the shadow of this haunting, beautiful alien world, but the I’m convinced the journey will always feel worth it.

The alien world greets me with the pleasant chatter of fish. The shallows are a beautiful wash of colors: vibrant pink coral and soft beige sand surrounds me on all sides. A single pod drifts on the surface of the eternal ocean, and I alone must survive any way I can. Rescue will inevitably come, I must live long enough to see it.

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