Ultimate Chicken Horse Review – A Great Way to Make and Lose Friends

Written for the Escapist Magazine, recreated with permission.

The first turn is always the easiest. It begins with an empty canvas, full of opportunity and consideration. Does the gap call for a platform, or maybe a springboard? There’s a lot of hope in the empty space between start and goal, and in the same breath, there’s also a lot of opportunity for danger and chaos.

So it goes in Ultimate Chicken Horse, a two to four player competitive platformer game. Players pick their animals, and all begin on a map with a set beginning and end point, and must successfully run and jump to reach the end. What stands between them is likewise up to them, as before each round of platforming, players make additions or subtractions to the stage between challenging the stage. The additions can be anything from safe landing spaces to spinning sawblades. Once every play has had a turn adding new hazards, every player takes a shot at getting to the goal with the new, dangerous Rube Goldberg machine connecting the start and end points.

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