Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review – New Leaf Again

Written for the Escapist Magazine, recreated in-part with permission.

My favorite item in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a glass panel. There are folding screens and solid, opaque panels for dividing rooms, but I didn’t find them as alluring as the glass. Inside the sleek, invisible walls of the towering glass upon its blanche-white base, I have built many things: Corner offices, ominous red buttons, reading rooms of luxurious decadence, and even bathrooms. Something about the interplay of open, transparent glass and dividing, impassable barrier strikes me as a fascinating aspect of design.

An important design aspect, as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a pretty big departure from the existing Animal Crossing titles. Where the existing titles put players in the role of real-time town inhabitant and part-time employee, Happy Home Designer eschews the existing formula and instead casts you a new hire to budding business Nook’s Homes.

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