About Out of Three

Oo3 - TopOut of Three is a review series that aims to explore the idea that videogames aren’t static. That a game review, no matter how good, can only view a game from a single approach. Instead, Out of Three gives three different writers a lens, and each gets a space to approach the game from their perspective, their interests, and their abilities. Each will also score the game according to their tastes, out of a possible three.

What the Scores Mean

A score of 1 out of 3 indicates the writer does not recommend the game. This is the sort of game that has either better peers, buggy or broken mechanics, or otherwise fails to be worth recommending.

A score of 2 out of 3 indicates the writer is neutral on the game. This is the sort of game that is middle of the road. Inoffensive price, inoffensive mechanics, inoffensive ideas, or inoffensive execution. It likely won’t be the sort of game the writer will volunteer when asked about games in a certain style or genre, but it’s not bad enough to recommend against.

A score of 3 out of 3 indicates the writer recommends the game. This is the sort of game that will come up when a game does enough right to be worth sharing. While a highest score generally means perfection, a 3 of 3 is just indication that the game hits all the right notes for the writer and not necessarily flawless.


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